Can you be our hope?

Teens-In-Grief High School

At the High School level our youth experience death at a higher rate than ever: death of a parent, sibling, close family member or friend.

Our community has experienced many teen deaths.

When grief enters a teen’s life they feel very isolated and alone. Confusion sets in and they become unfocused. Grades can plunge, and the risk of alcohol, drug abuse and risk taking is greater. It is estimated that 2-3% of students will experience a death of a close loved one during their high school years

Currently our program is offered at various area High Schools. We see 15-25 students per school participating a year. When a crisis situation occurs the numbers will be higher.

Our goal is to create a safe environment where teens can come to share their feeling and emotions. The service we provide helps teens to know they are not alone. It will help them to understand the many aspects of grief, validate their feelings and find hope and meaning in their grief

This program is offered 5-8 times in a year. Typically once a month throughout the School year.