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Our Approach


COJ Offers ongoing, grief support program offering safe and nurturing environments for children, teens, and adults who have experienced the death of a loved one. When a death takes place in a person’s life, their life becomes unbalanced. COJ assists individuals and families in creating a new balance with hope, strength and healing.

Companions on a Journey services are very unique and no one in the city offers the type of service that we do. We look for ways in which we can improve the field of bereavement and continue to grow and refine our services. Grief is a journey which takes time and hard work, and having a companion to talk with while on the journey can make the travel much easier. We are committed to being companions on their journey. Like grief, our programs do not have a time limit; they are ongoing.

Companions on a Journey’s Mission is to provide ongoing support and life balance for the bereaved in families, schools, businesses and organizations with faith, hope and love: one child, one teen, one adult, one family at a time

Mending Hearts for Grieving Children, Teens and their Families – is a unique ongoing child and teen program. The death of a parent or loved one is a traumatic event that is life changing especially to our youth. A child’s/teen’s grief is ongoing, resurfacing during milestones throughout the rest of their life.

Children and Teens in Grief, Ongoing School Support Program – Meets children and teens where they are on their grief journey, following them through their graduations. We work at validating their raw feelings and emotions, as well as building trust. We help them to understand their grief. Our crisis response program and post-vention to suicide groups, which are offered to schools throughout our community, are also ongoing. For more information, see our Children/Teen Services.

Children and teens are looking for people who care about them
and who are willing to invest in their lives

Adult Grief-Specific Programs – Everyone handles grief differently. There is no right or wrong way to grieve; one must work through the grieving process. When an adult’s life is thrown off balance, we explain that it is important for adults to put their oxygen mask on first and then assist those around them because children will often mirror the adults in their actions.

COJ meetings are warm, friendly and inclusive. Adult groups meet one or two times a month and last for approximately two (2) hours. Each meeting begins with a prayer, which may include an introductory event such as a candle lighting, reading, or poem to help the group focus on a particular aspect of grief. Next are introductions, group rules, room logistics and any sharing from participants from the last meeting or the last time that person was in the group. Meetings are confidential, and everyone has the opportunity to be heard. Each meeting will have a topic or question that will be covered, this helps individuals better understand there world of grief. On occasion the facilitator may need to redirect or help expand on particular topic of interest that the group wants to discuss. COJ allows time to share any emotions or problems that anyone might be having to help focus on there Journey of Grief Towards the end of the meeting the facilitator will end on a positive note, and any announcement are briefed on upcoming events. A reading or poem may be read and the group will end in prayer.

Our programs go beyond grief support groups; we offer social outreach groups, retreats and workshops to help a person connect with others. We publish our Seasons of Grief newsletter quarterly to reach out to those who grieve and to help those who do not understand the grieving process. For more information, see our Adult Support Services.

Companions on a Journey is committed to assisting children, teens, and adults in creating a new balance with hope, strength, and healing.
COJ is a faith-based, social service organization which provides bereavement support and educational services for children, teens and adults. COJ does not provide any counseling or related services which require a license under Chapter 4757 of the Ohio Revised Code. COJ is a section 501(c)(3) organization