Here are a few facts about Children in Grief:

  • There are more grieving children than most of us realize—one out of 20 children  will experience the death of a parent before they graduate from high school, while one out of every 5 children will face the death of someone close to them.
  • Many people don’t realize that it takes most children much longer to deal with their grief than we expect, and that the amount of inner turmoil, invisible to most, is much more intense than we have any idea of.
  • We raise awareness so that people will realize that even if there is no outward sign of inner turmoil, those storms can still be raging inside a grieving child’s heart.
  • We raise awareness so that people will understand that a grieving child can’t just  “get over it”—not in any set time period— not by any act of their own will—and that there’s no reason that they should just “get over it.”

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