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Corporate Support

  • (COJ) has worked to develop programs for corporations following the death of an employee. These programs assist the employees not only by improving their understanding of the grief process and restoring their life balance; they also assists the corporation by showing their employees that they are valued.
  • COJ understands that different corporations have different needs from various shifts and employee availability. We also are committed in working with Human Resources or Employee Assistance Program (EAP) personnel to identify the most effective times and frequencies for seminars to be scheduled.
  • We personalize the program to meet your needs and the needs of your employees. There are several options available to assist.

Corporate Crisis Intervention Collaboration Design - This service is offered to corporations as a preparedness plan in the event of a sudden death of an employee or co-worker. It augments the Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), handling larger numbers of employees during a crisis. This plan would be developed by our staff that has experience in both crisis intervention and disaster recovery.

Grief in the Workplace Seminar - This seminar assists employees who have experienced the loss of a co-worker. These seminars are offered as a forum to grieve and share feelings, as well as provide educational information. It is an opportunity for the corporation to show their employees that they are important and supported even through difficult times.

Grief in a Bag - This seminar is developed as a lunchtime forum. Employees are offered the opportunity to attend the seminar in order to get in touch with their grief and identify their personal experiences in the bereavement process. This series format is developed with the corporation’s staff or Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) to identify the number of weeks, shifts and frequency of the presentations.

Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) Gatekeeper Training - This training is designed to teach staff the warning signs of suicide in an individual or impending crisis. It is an internationally recognized program developed for laypersons and an invaluable tool, especially for management staff.

Ongoing Support Group - COJ will develop a monthly support group for staff who are in need of ongoing support services related to grief.

Additional Seminars - COJ will develop programs specifically for your business needs. These are some of the programs that have previously been presented:

  • Holiday Grief - Understanding Your Child and Teen’s Grief
  • Grief at Different Ages and Stages - Families in Grief
  • The Layers of Grief - Hope, Strength and Healing through Grief
  • Long Distance Grief- Assisting in the grief process when dying relatives are out of town
COJ is a social service organization which provides bereavement support and educational services for children, teens and adults. COJ does not provide any counseling or related services which require a license under Chapter 4757 of the Ohio Revised Code. COJ is a section 501(c)(3) organization.