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Children's Mending Hearts

Mending Hearts Program:Children's Mending Hearts
for Grieving Children, Teens and Families

Restoring Family Balance:
one child, one teen, one family at a time.

  • Companions on a Journey’s (COJ) Mending Hearts Program for Grieving Children is a faith based “ongoing” grief support program offering a safe and nurturing environment for all children ages 4 – 18 and their families who have experienced a death.
  • When a death takes place in a family, the family becomes unbalanced. COJ’s Mending Hearts Program assists families to restore family balance. While addressing the parents and guardian needs, we work to assist them to look through the eyes of their children - to see their children’s needs and to show them how their responses impact their children’s lives.
  • Restoring family balance helps children and families to find hope, strength and healing surrounded by love and support.
  • For information about this program Contact Sheila@companionsonajourney.org or call 513-870-9108